Eshe – Rogue Huntress

This was the original cover design for The Immortal Hunter. Now usually when I haven't agreed with a book cover chosen by my publisher, I have had to bite my tongue and put up with it. You see, we authors don't have nearly as much pull, especially initially in our careers, as readers think and often have to live with what the publisher decides. But in this case, I had to put my foot down, as it looked nothing at all like Decker.

First edition vs. reissue cover of Love Bites.

First edition vs. reissue cover of Single White Vampire.

Tall Dark & Hungry Original
Tall Dark & Hungry Reissue

First edition vs. reissue cover of Tall Dark & Hungry.

This was the original cover for Love Is Blind. However, it didn’t go over very well at all with distributors and so they changed it a couple months before publication to the prettier cover that ended up hitting the stores. As far as I know, none were printed up with the yellow covers, though it’s possible they were. However, the change was made so late in the game that I had already received the yellow cover flats.

The Tall Dark and Hungry back blurb

This is the original back blurb for Tall, Dark & Hungry. I’m afraid it’s my fault this was changed. If you can’t read the small print, the line that upset me was

"But they were a weird bunch – and it wasn’t just that they were Canadian!"

I’m afraid I had a fit over this. I am Canadian, and I was – at the time – moving to England to be with my husband and I feared insulting my fellow Canadians, and worried that some might think that I had moved to England and abandoned being Canadian or something. Anyway, I made my position clear and they took the line out. Still, as with Love Is Blind, I had received my cover flats before the change.