Beth and Scotty's story Argeneau series book #26
September 26, 2017
ISBN-10: 0062468952
ISBN-13: 978-0062468956

Argeneau Tree
Notte Family Tree
Enforcer Tree

The #Immortally Yours #BestFanForever contest is now over!

The first week’s lucky winner was Kayla Mariah (@kaylamariah) from Twitter! Congratulations Kayla!

The second week's winner was Thuy Phan (Princess Thuy) from Facebook! Congratulations Thuy!

The third week's winner was Kathryn Dunaway (@KathrynDunaway)! Congratulations Kathryn! (And what a great excuse for some me time! I'll have to remember to tell my hubby I'm "cleaning the bathroom" when I need time to myself too. LOL)

The winner of the #OnTheSide contest is...Catalina Forkin! The answer we were looking for to be entered into the draw was that the extra books chosen as part of the grand prize giveaway had characters present in the excerpt of Immortally Yours. So book #1 (A Quick Bite) had the enforcer Valerian, #6 (Bite Me If You Can) had Donny, and #15 (Reluctant Vampire) mentioned both Beth and Scotty.

The lucky grand prize winner of the BestFanForever contest is...Gary E. Poisson! Wow, congratulations Gary! We hope you enjoy your copy of Immortally Yours as well as A Quick Bite, Bite Me If You Can, and Reluctant Vampire AND either a Scottish runic or ogham ring, worth over £100.00 GBP!

Thanks again everyone and thank you for all the wonderful pics! They meant a lot! :-)


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