The Highlander's Promise
Highlander series Book #6
June 26, 2018
Excerpt & More

Twice Bitten
Argeneau series Book #27
Mar 27, 2018
Excerpt & More

Surrender to the Highlander
Highlander series Book #5
Jan 30, 2018
Excerpt & More

Immortally Yours
Argeneau series book #26
Sept 26, 2017
Excerpt & More

Hysterical Historical
July 25, 2017
Excerpt & More

Book #6 of the Highlanders series is almost here! The Buchanan we've all been waiting fore, Aulay, is finally getting a story! The Highlander's Promise, coming out June 26th, is an action packed romp from the get-go. Aulay finds a stranger adrift in the ocean tied to a mast. Once she awakens she assumes Aulay's her husband and he'll have to keep up the ruse until she's stronger. Problem is he starts falling for his "wife" even though no one has any idea who she is...

Argeneau book #27, Twice Bitten, is now out. This story is about Elspeth who we first met way back in the first book, A Quick Bite, and she’s having a heck of a time with her life mate.  Though she doesn't recall it, Elspeth met her life mate years ago and then lost him. Now lightning is about to strike again, throwing them together once more. She's going to get a second chance at happiness. All she has to do is escape the familial chains holding her back. ;-) 

Many great reviews have been rolling in for Twice Bitten so check it out!

Book #5 of my Highlanders series, Surrender to the Highlander, is now available everywhere books are sold. Find out what's happened to Edith Drummond, the last of the friends of Jo, Murine and Saidh's, and which Buchanan brother will be lucky enough to call her his. It's received plenty of fantastic reviews so if you're interested.

This is book #5 in my latest Scottish Highlanders series. Many readers have been asking for the series reading list so here it is!

Latest news from Lynsay...

And Book #6 of my Scottish Highlander's series, The Highlander's Promise, is scheduled to come out on June 26th. This one involves the eldest Buchanan brother, Aulay, and a shipwreck survivor they find floating in the water clinging to the mast of a ship. When she comes to she has no recollection of her past life or even her name but she assumes Aulay is her husband. Poor Aulay's forced to keep up the's orders!

Book #28 of the Argeneau series called Vampires Like It Hot is scheduled to come out in September. I just got a glimpse of a few cover ideas for it and I have to admit it definitely chased away any cold January blahs I may have had beforehand. Actually feeling quite warm and toasty right now! ;-)

I hope you're all finding fun ways to chase away the winter blahs. And if you find it hard just take a look at some nice eye candy, for instance Elspeth and Wyatt's book cover. <WG>