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The first week of August marks the middle of the summer so for those of you that haven't had the chance to have much fun in the sun yet, there’s still time to do so before the fall pushes its way back in again.  To me the winters always seem to drag on, which might have something to do with SAD, but summers fly by so I'm learning to make the most of the sunny days we do get.

We recently visited Winnipeg and to get there we traveled through Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota and Minnesota.  Perhaps you're wondering how we traveled through five states and two provinces with three dogs?  By RV of course!  And you know what?  Believe it or not I would do it again.  The dogs were well behaved (park rules are if your pets are disruptive and/or noisy then they can kick you out), the company was good, most of the RV parks were well maintained, the people were very friendly, and we had our own accommodations throughout the entire trip.  It wasn't perfect, for example you can't bring any meat, meat byproducts, dog food and most fruits and vegetables across the border.  Understandable as a disease prevention measure but to say it's inconvenient, if not wasteful for someone traveling in an RV, is an understatement.  This is a brief summary of the trip; go to the States, buy food and dog food, travel for a couple of days, dump the food and dog food, cross the border into Manitoba, buy more food and dog food, visit for a few of days, dump the food and dog food, cross the border back into the States, buy more food and dog food, travel for a couple of days, dump the food and dog food, cross the border into Ontario, and buy more food on our way home.  As you can probably tell by now, we saw the inside of a LOT of grocery stores!  And although we did do our best to buy only what we needed, there was still some waste especially since we couldn't find small bags of dog food in the brand all three dogs would eat and we often had to buy what the stores offered because we might not see another close to our route for another half a day or so.  

And of course I got a bit of a name for myself on this trip.  It’s along the line of “lead foot Lynsay”.  Now I do argue that this should have come as no surprise bearing in mind my low patience level and affinity for the color red however it seemed to catch my hubby off guard considering the looks of concern I saw when he thought I wasn’t looking and the death grip he had on the “holy sh*t” handle the entire time I was driving.  I can safely say he wasn’t comfortable with my speed.  LOL.

By the way, the RV has a red streak down the side and I have a nickname for her… I call her my “little Bullet”. <WG>

As for what I’m up to now... I just finished a bunch of copyedits and am about to sit down and start writing again. I’m currently working on the next two historicals, one of which is the third installment in my Scottish Highlands series. This story involves Saidh Buchanan, a character we met in the second book in the series called To Marry A Scottish Laird.  

As for my upcoming books... The historical reissue of Sweet Revenge will be coming out November 25th, the contemporary reissue of The Loving Daylights will be coming out December 30th, and next chapter in the Argeneau series called The Immortal Who Loved Me is scheduled to be published on February 24th, 2015.

Enjoy the summer sun everyone and happy reading!