To Marry A Scottish Laird
June 24, 2014
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Knight Of My Dreams
April 29, 2014
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Vampire Most Wanted
February 18, 2014
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The Switch
November 26, 2013
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One Lucky Vampire
Sept 24, 2013
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An English Bride In Scotland
June 25, 2013
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Immortal Ever After
February 26, 2013
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Summertime! Summertime! Sum-sum-summertime! Summer is here and it feels like it. Sunny days mixed with sudden downpours that stop within minutes of starting. I've been told we get a lot more rain and snow here than in the city so the story might be different for someone that lives a mere 15 miles away. 

To Marry A Scottish Laird, the second book in my latest Scottish Highlands series that started with An English Bride In Scotland, is now out on the bookstore shelves so please tell me what you think! This is the second book in my latest Scottish Highlands series that started with An English Bride in Scotland. This one's about Jo, a young woman on a quest to deliver a message to the Laird and Lady MacKay. When she’s attacked by bandits, a warrior named Cam saves her and then offers his escort. It makes for an interesting journey, and we get to catch up with Annabel and Ross and find out what happened to Annabel’s lovely but homicidal sister Kate. You can check out the reviews it's received to date here.

As for me, I recently handed in a couple of Argeneau stories. The first one involves Katricia's father, Basileios, along with a mortal, Sherry, who has unwittingly been around immortals her entire life. The second book is Bricker's story. Yes, I did say Bricker is getting a story and it will most likely come out following Basil’s book which is scheduled to come out on Feb 24, 2015.  And now I’m about halfway though Saidh’s story, the next historical after To Marry A Scottish Laird.  My lucky troll is still at my side right now. ;-)

Happy reading to all and to all a happy spring!