Immortally Yours
Argeneau series book #26
Sept 26, 2017
Excerpt & More

Hysterical Historical
July 25, 2017
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Immortal Unchained
Argeneau series book #25
Mar 28, 2017
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Falling for the Highlander
Highlander series Book #4
Jan 31, 2017
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Immortal Nights
Sept 20, 2016
Excerpt & More

The next installment of my Argeneau series,Immortally Yours, is just about here! Debuting on September 26th, this one will be about Scotty and Beth Argenis, who we heard about in Drina’s story, The Reluctant Vampire. With so many enforcers off on assignment in Venezuela, Mortimer is desperate for experienced rogue hunters and Beth, having been an enforcer in Spain for the past hundred years or so, knows the job inside and out and decides to answer the call. Only Scotty, a bothersome itch Beth has never scratched, decided he should come along and help as well.  

And did I mention the excerpt for Immortally Yours is now up? <G>

And to celebrate my upcoming release we are running a contest! #ImmortallyYours #BestFanForever Contest is on. All you have to do is take a pic of yourself (or your pet) with a Lynsay's book, e-books, or audiobooks over the next couple of weeks and post it to Lynsay on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@LynsaySands) along with #ImmortallyYours #BestFanForever for a chance to win stuff! Here's the link to the contest landing page.

My latest reissue, Bliss, is out! This hysterical historical is about two feuding neighbors who have been bending the king’s ear with complaints about each other for years. Unfortunately for them, the king has had enough of their bickering and decided they should work it out a married couple. Uh-oh!   

And here's a collage of everyone that posted a pic in the contest.

Latest news from Lynsay...

Summer is just about over so I hope you've had fun. And for those of you that tend to do plan your trips at the last possible minute, I hope you enjoy whatever you have planned!

As for my upcoming releases...
Book #5, Surrender to the Highlander, in my Highlanders series is scheduled to come out on January 30th, 2018. This will be Edith's book, the last of the friends of Jo, Saidh and Murine, and she hooks up with another one of the infamous Buchanan brothers, Niels. <G>

Argeneau book #27, Twice Bitten, is set t be released on Mar 27, 2018.  This story is about Elspeth who we met way back in the first book, A Quick Bite, and she’s having a heck of a time with her life mate. Suffice it to say there are just some times when a gal wishes she could control her life mate, and there are some mortals who can give an immortal a run for their money. ;-)

As for what I'm working on now...
I just finished writing book #6 in the Highlanders series and this one will be about a particular Buchanan that many readers had been asking after ever since we met him in The Highlander Takes A Bride...Aulay!

I'm currently working on book #7 in my latest Highlanders series and this one will be about another Buchanan only this time one of the brothers gets kidnapped by the same woman he'll be forced to marry!  Many mishaps, a little bit of mistaken identity and bold personalities will make this romp a fun(ny) one.

And for those of you that may have missed a room or two in the Argeneau Escape Room Challenge, here they are to try out for fun… the Basement, Water, and In The Dark!

Enjoy what little summer you have left!