In Her Highlander's Bed
Highland Brides Book #11
Jan 24, 2023
(Allissaid & Calan)
Excerpt & More

After The Bite
Argeneau Book #35
September 27, 2022
(Valerian & Natalie)
Excerpt & More

The Chase
Deed, Key & Chase
July 26, 2022
(Seonaid Dunbar & Blake Sherwell)
Excerpt & More

Immortal Rising
Argeneau Book #34
April 26, 2022
(Stephanie McGill & Thorne)
Excerpt & More

Highland Wolf
January 25, 2022
Highland Brides Book #10
Excerpt & More

In Her Highlander's Bed, Highland Brides Book #11 is out!

The MacFarlanes, still under threat from their neighbor Maldouen MacNaughton, are told to stay within the keep's walls for protection. But when her young brother slips out to go to the river, Allissaid rushes out after him to bring him back to safety. Instead, she's captured by MacNaughton men. While still unconscious, Maldouen has a priest marry them, fortunately Allissaid escapes before the marriage can be consummated…

The Campbells have had nothing but grief from the MacNaughtons. They've been raiding Campbell land for years, and only a lack of proof has prevented Calan, the Campbell laird, from calling for an all-out war against the neighboring clan. Instead, he finally decreed MacNaughtons unwelcome on Campbell land. Trespassing would mean instant death, and so far that seemed to work. So, he was more than a little amazed when one not only crossed onto his land, but stooped so low as to steal the clothes off his back. Calan actually saw the naked lad who ran up and made off with his kilt… Only the lad turns out to be a naked lass, Allissaid MacFarlane or possibly Allissaid MacNaughton. Whether she's married is questionable. What's not questionable is that Calan wants the lass for his own. He just has to deal with MacNaughton and this marriage to have her.

Latest Releases...

After The Bite, book #35 in the Argeneau Series came out on September 27th. Immortal Enforcer Valerian just wants to relax. His last assignment had been more grueling than he’d care to admit, and golf has always helped him unwind. If golf course owner Natalie thinks it’s a little odd for him to tee off at sunset every evening, she’s keeping it to herself. The single mom is sexy as hell, and her little daughter Mia only adds to his delight. He knows Natalie is wary of a relationship of any kind…what will she think when she discovers he’s an Immortal? His best course of action is to woo her the old-fashioned way.

But the course of true love never did run smooth—especially for an immortal and his mate. And when danger stalks Natalie, Valerian realizes he’s playing a game of life and death and if he loses this round, he risks losing her forever.

The Chase, book #3 in the Deed, Key, Chase series, came out on July 26th.
They say behind every great man, there's a great woman. In this case it's more like, For Lord Blake Sherwell to become a great man, he'll need a swift kick by the only great woman capable of doing the job, Seonaid Dunbar.

Upcoming releases...

In the summer, another one of my hysterical historicals, The Perfect Wife, will be reissued! This story, a favorite of many of my longtime readers, will be reissued in paperback, ebook and audio. Have you ever noticed that heroines are always svelte, beautiful creatures, perfect at everything? If we went by the romance books, us less perfect girls may as well just give up on ever finding that special someone to love and to love us because we don't seem to have a chance. Well, nuts to that! Avelyn isn't perfect. In fact, she's plump and about as happy about it as the rest of us are with our flaws. In other words, she isn't. Fortunately for her, Paen is a true hero, and thinks she's perfect just the way she is. Don't you just love him already?

Argeneau book #36, Bad Luck Vampire, is scheduled to be released on September 24th. This story is about one of Valerian’s charming cousins, Alasdair MacKenzie, and a new character to the scene, Sophie. This story starts a little differently than most. Sophie comes as another immortal’s date (Tybo) to a family wedding but to Tybo's consternation Marguerite recognizes Sophie as a potential life mate for Alasdair. (Side: Lucian is definitely not happy about potentially losing yet another enforcer to life mate brain drain, but destiny is destiny! LOL)

What I'm working on...

I'm working away on the next Highland Brides book after In Her Highlander's Bed. It does involve another Buchanan, which many readers have been requesting, so I'm very happy to say it is coming! But I'm still in the middle of writing it so, as I've mentioned in the past, because I'm a bit of a contrarian, I can't give away anymore details. Otherwise I might set myself to stall before it's done, which would be too bad since readers have been petitioning for this story for so long. So we'll all just have to wait! (I have been told patience is a virtue but I, too, hate waiting so I do feel your pain here! LOL)

With February around the corner, I wish you all a happy, fun-filled Valentines celebrating love in all the ways it touches your life and makes it better!

Chat soon!