Love Is Blind
June 30, 2020
Excerpt & More

A Quick Bite
Argeneau Book #1
Mar 31, 2020
Excerpt & More

Hunting For The Highlander
Highland Brides Book #8
Jan 28, 2020
Excerpt & More

Vampire Valentine
Argeneau Novella
Audiobook Edition
Jan 28, 2020
Excerpt & More

My Favorite Things
A Christmas Collection
October 29, 2019
Excerpt & More

The book that started it all, A Quick Bite, is now out!

This is the first book in the Argeneau series and Lissianna and Greg's story. It's full of humor and passion, but it also sets the stage for many of the original Argeneaus.

"Then, I'm your birthday gift?"

She nodded slowly, then tilted her head, and said, "That's an odd smile. What are you thinking?"

Greg was thinking he was the luckiest son of a bitch alive...

Latest releases...

Hunting For A Highlander, is now out!
The Buchanans are back in Book #8 in the Highland Brides series and this time it’s Geordie’s turn to become utterly befuddled by a lady who embodies all the things he never knew he wanted, until now. This next book in my Highland Brides series, Hunting For The Highlander, is a standalone story and though it is a much sexier one than usual, it’s still imbued with the trademark humor and chaos the Buchanans are known for. 
Audiobook fans have been asking after this story for a while and we're happy to say it's finally here! The audiobook of Vampire Valentine, Tiny and Mirabeau's story from the anthology Bitten By Cupid, is now out.

My Favorite Things: A Christmas Collection, came out in October. It has three historical novellas I wrote a while back. Hopefully it will leave you laughing, worrying, panicking, and cheering for the hero and heroine. <G>

The latest book in the Argeneau series, Immortal Born, came out in September. It's about Magnus Bjarnesen, Scotty's friend, and Allie Chambers, a mortal woman trying to care for an immortal baby. All was well and fine initially, but as the child got older he required more blood than she could healthily give. In desperation, Allie turns to stealing from the local blood bank. She's caught red-handed, literally, and the incident catches the attention of the local enforcers. Oh, and did I mention that she's on the run from immortals, rogue immortals specifically?
Unfortunately, she doesn't know the difference. To Allie, a vamp is a vamp, so when she first sees the Enforcer’s eyes, it sends her into a tailspin. To make things even more interesting, one of the enforcer, Magnus, can't read her...
You can check out the promo video or the ad for Sci-Fi magazine.

Upcoming releases...

The reissue of Love Is Blind, one of my older hysterical historicals, will be coming out June 30th.

The next chapter in the Argeneau series, Immortal Angel, will be about GG and Ildaria. Buckle up people because book #31 is set to come out on September 29th!

The next Highland Brides story, tentatively called Highland Treasure, is Rory Buchanan's story! And I think this story contains the largest subset of secondary characters yet, it involves an entire town!

I’m currently working on the next Argeneau after Immortal Angel. I won’t go into any details on who it’s about yet (no jinxes!) but I will say it has a kick ass heroine.

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