Immortal Born
Argeneau Book #30
September 24, 2019

A Lady In Disguise
Historical Reissue
June 25, 2019
Excerpt & More

The Trouble With Vampires
Argeneau Book #29
April 23, 2019
Excerpt & More

The Wrong Highlander
Highland Brides Book #7
Jan 29, 2019
Excerpt & More

Vampires Like It Hot
Argeneau Book #28
Sept 18, 2018
Excerpt & More

Book #30 in the Argeneau series,Immortal Born, is coming out next month! This one's about Magnus Bjarnesen, Scotty's friend, and Allie Chambers, a mortal who's trying to care for an immortal baby but knows nothing about immortals.

A Lady In Disguise is now out wherever books are sold!
This is a reissue of The Reluctant Reformer, a historical of mine. Having written it years ago I'd forgotten a lot of the story so was pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing out loud throughout the majority of the book. Margaret Wentworth and James Huttledon's interactions are priceless and some the situations our heroine finds herself in, by no fault of her own, are pretty comical. I hope it tickles your funny bone as much as it did mine!

Book #29, The Trouble With Vampires, is now out on the bookstore shelves and everywhere else books are sold! Our favorite tormented Notte, Santo, finally has a story and he’s got his hands full with Pet. She might be slight in stature, but her personality more than makes up for it.  Santo may have just met the one person strong enough to wrestle away his nightmares. 

The Trouble WIth Vampirest

The Wrong Highlander, book #7 in my Highlander Brides series, is now out!

Conran's story, appropriately named The Wrong Highlander, starts with a bang when our hero is accosted and kidnapped by a redheaded spitfire named Lady Evina Maclean. And that’s only the start of the chaos that ensues.  All we can say is whoever’s crazy enough to start a fight with the Buchanan boys is in for a world of hurt.

Book #28, Vampires Like It Hotis the latest chapter in the Argeneau series. Raffaele, Zanipolo and Santo are on an enforced vacation during the wet season in the Dominican. While Raffaele is happy to help out his cousin Santo, he'd rather do it where it wasn't so hot and humid you could hardly breathe. At least that's how he felt until he met his life mate, Jess. Jess was in the Dominican to attend a family wedding. After she follows her cousin onto a tour ship, she finds herself on a pirate ship full of hungry vampire pirates and her only option to escape is to jump ship. From vampires, to shark-infested water, and then the arms of Raffaele Notte... What started out as a boring family obligation has suddenly become something much more.

Vampires Like It Hot

Upcoming releases...

Argeneau book #30, Immortal Born, comes out September 24th. This one involves Allie, a mortal woman trying to care for an immortal baby.  All was well and fine initially, but as the child got older he required more blood than she could healthily give. In desperation, Allie turns to stealing from the local blood bank.  Unfortunately, she's caught red-handed, literally, and the incident catches the attention of the local enforcers.  Oh, and did I mention that she's on the run from immortals, rogue immortals specifically?  Unfortunately, she doesn't know the difference. To Allie, a vamp is a vamp, so when she first sees the Enforcer’s eyes, it sends her into a tailspin. To make things even more interesting, one of the enforcer, Magnus, can't read her...

Book #8 in the Highland Brides series, Hunting For The Highlander, is set to come out January 28th! This is Geordie Buchanan's story and it's H-O-T!

I hope you're enjoying your summer ! <G>