Immortal Angel
Argeneau #31
Sept 29, 2020
(GG & Ildaria)
Excerpt & More

The Eternal Highlander
Historical Reissue
August 25, 2020
Excerpt & More

Love Is Blind
June 30, 2020
Excerpt & More

A Quick Bite
Argeneau Book #1
Mar 31, 2020
Excerpt & More

Hunting For The Highlander
Highland Brides Book #8
Jan 28, 2020
Excerpt & More

Vampire Valentine
Argeneau Novella
Audiobook Edition
Jan 28, 2020
Excerpt & More

Immortal Angel is out! Book #31of the Argeneau series is here!

G.G. and Ildaria's story is a fun, romantic, immortal romp between two people that are not your average hero and heroine. G.G. is a successful businessman who somehow pulls off a foot high bright green mohawk with class. And Ildaria is quite fearsome when necessary, but she's also fair and helps those in need. And she's an accountant! LOL

Here they are.... all six pups sitting pretty for the camera! It's like they're made to be on camera. Now I did chase Basha down for this pic... and Teddy turns away when you say his name so you have to sneak up on him if you want anything more than his back or rump.

The rest were easy to catch. ?

Upcoming releases...

The next Highland Brides story, Highland Treasure, is Rory Buchanan's story! And I think this story contains the largest subset of secondary characters yet, it involves an entire town!

The reissue of the anthology My Immortal Highlander comes out on February 23rd.

The next Argeneau, book #32, Meant To Be Immortal, is scheduled to come out April 27! This is about Mac and C.J., two new characters to the scene. Mac Argeneau, one of Katricia's brothers, is new to town. No one knows him so it's strange that someone setting his house on fire would be the first thing to happen to him.
CJ Cummings is a no nonsense CSIS agent who's there to investigate a list of complaints against a local officer. Due to a shortage of local manpower, C.J.'s been asked to help out with the recent arson case. they've been thrown together and Mac discovers he can't read her.

Latest releases...

Immortal Angel is now out in North America, and the UK and Australian edition comes out on October 1st!

The reissue of the first book in the MacNachton series anthology, The Eternal Highlander, comes out August 25th.

The reissue of Love Is Blind, one of my older hysterical historicals, came out June 30th.

The book that started it all, A Quick Bite, reissue came out in March. This is the first book in the Argeneau series and Lissianna and Greg's story. It's full of humor and passion, but it also sets the stage for many of the original Argeneaus.

Hunting For A Highlander, is now out!
The Buchanans are back in Book #8 in the Highland Brides series and this time it’s Geordie’s turn to become utterly befuddled by a lady who embodies all the things he never knew he wanted, until now. This next book in my Highland Brides series, Hunting For The Highlander, is a standalone story and though it is a much sexier one than usual, it’s still imbued with the trademark humor and chaos the Buchanans are known for. 

What I'm working on...

And I just finished working on the next Argeneau… Quinn (Pet's sister from The Trouble With Vampires) and Jet (Abigail's friend from Immortal Nights) get their story! Woohoo!

Now I'm about to start working on the next Highland Brides book. I have plans for Alick in the future, but think he needs a little seasoning first. So, in the meantime we're going back to the first book and a relative of Ross and Annabel's. Well, that's the plan, we just have to wait and see if they cooperate. If not, I'll switch to another story. There are so many family members to play with that the options are wide open if the one I want to write gets difficult.

Take care,