Meant To Be Immortal
Argeneau #32
April 27, 2021
(Mac & C.J.)
Excerpt & More

My Immortal Highlander
Historical Reissue
Feb 23, 2021
Excerpt & More

Highland Treasure
Highland Brides #9
Jan 26, 2021
(Rory & Elysande)
Excerpt & More

Immortal Angel
Argeneau #31
Sept 29, 2020
(GG & Ildaria)
Excerpt & More

The Eternal Highlander
Historical Reissue
August 25, 2020
Excerpt & More

Love Is Blind
June 30, 2020
Excerpt & More

The next Argeneau, book #32, Meant To Be Immortal, is now out on bookstore shelves!

This is about Mac and C.J., two new characters to the scene. Mac Argeneau, one of Katricia's brothers, is new to town. No one knows him so it's strange that someone setting his house on fire would be the first thing to happen to him. CJ Cummings is a no nonsense CSIS agent who's there to investigate a list of complaints against a local officer. Due to a shortage of local manpower, C.J.'s been asked to help out with the recent arson case. they've been thrown together and Mac discovers he can't read her.

As you can see, winter came back with a vengeance, or at least for a couple of days. It really was a beautiful scene to wake up to, but I was so not prepared for the winter again. Sigh. At least it didn't stay long and the snow is gone now.

As for the pups, they're doing well. Teddy has a slight limp that seems to come and go in severity. It's the leg he often sleeps on so I think our little man is just getting old, like the rest of us. I feel your pain Tedster!

Both Basha and Tybo got a haircut, so now they look about half their original size. We could have made another dog from all the fur we shaved off the terrible two! And Tybo looks like he's walking around in high heels now. It's pretty funny seeing him prance around especially when our "alpha male" attempts to keep one of the other pups in line. ?

Normally, the sun is shining and the air is crisp in the morning and warmish in the afternoons. Personally I think spring and fall are the best of the seasons here. So I hope you're enjoying the spring, even with the unpredictable weather we sometimes get.

Upcoming releases...

The next book will be another Argeneau called Mile High With A Vampire, which will come out on September 28th.

This story is about Abigail’s friend Jet Lassiter who you met in Immortal Nights and Pet’s sister, Quinn Peters, who you met in The Trouble With Vampires.
This is Argeneau Book #33 and starts with a deadly plane crash that leaves Jet, Quinn and five seriously injured immortals stranded, miles from anywhere.
Anyone want to guess what happens when an entourage of immortals wake up after being severely injured, and you're the only blood source within miles? Good luck, Jet!

Latest releases...

Highland Brides book #9, Highland Treasure, came out in January.
The reissue of the second book in the MacNachton anthology series,  My Immortal Highlander, came out in February.
Argeneau book #32, Meant To Be Immortal, is now out!

What I'm working on...

I recently handed in the proofs for book #10 in the Highland Brides series. It's called the Highland Wolf and this one has a connection to the first book in the series, An English Bride In Scotland. The Highland Wolf is about Ross and Annabel's nephew, Bryson MacDonald, whom everyone thought was dead. In this story Lady Claray MacFarlane is just a pawn in a plan to get a hold of her family's land and title. Her greedy uncle intended to force her to marry her awful neighbor, Maldouen MacNaughton. Luckily, she's snatched away before the nightmarish nuptials could take place. She has no idea why her kidnapper, the infamous Highland Wolf, came for her. The mercenary's courage and prowess in battle are known throughout the Highlands, and with his handsome face and black-as-sin hair, he was as intelligent and deadly as the wolf he was named for…

And right now I'm squirreled away working on the Highland Brides story which will come out after the Highland Wolf. However, because I'm in the middle of writing it I can't tell you too much about this story yet other than to say it'll be book #11.

Take care,