Immortally Yours
Argeneau series book #26
Sept 26, 2017
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Hysterical Historical
July 25, 2017
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Immortal Unchained
Argeneau series book #25
Mar 28, 2017
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Falling for the Highlander
Highlander series Book #4
Jan 31, 2017
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We have great news! There have a few readers asking for the audiobook edition of The Deed and we're happy to say it's finally available! <G>

Beth and Scotty's story, Immortally Yours, is out everywhere books are sold. With so many enforcers off on assignment in Venezuela, Mortimer is desperate for experienced rogue hunters and Beth, having been an enforcer in Spain for the past hundred years or so, knows the job inside and out and decides to answer the call. Only Scotty, a bothersome itch Beth has never scratched, decided he should come along and help as well.  

Latest news from Lynsay...

Book #5, Surrender to the Highlander, of the Highlanders series, is scheduled to come out on January 30th, 2018.  This will be Edith’s book, the last of the friends of Jo, Saidh and Murine, and she hooks up with another one of the infamous Buchanan brothers, Niels.  Many laughs, action and mystery are guaranteed!

The next two books in the Highlanders series are written!
Book #6 is about Aulay Buchanan and book #7 is about Conran Buchanan.  The Buchanan boys are having a lot of luck in the love department all of a sudden!  

Argeneau book #27, Twice Bitten, is set to be released on March 27th, 2018.  This story is about Elspeth who we met way back in the first book, A Quick Bite, and she’s having a heck of a time with her life mate.  Suffice it to say there are just some times when a gal wishes she could control her life mate, and there are some mortals who can give an immortal a run for their money. ;-)  

And I just handed in the next story in the Argeneau series. It has pirates.  Yes, you read that right. Pirates. They are immortals and used to be proper pirates, but now sail around the Caribbean luring tourists onto their pirate ship ostensibly to sail out and feed the sharks. Of course, the mortals think the pirates are just in costume as a tourist attraction. They don’t realize there is no chum involved, the sharks they’ll be feeding are the pirates, and that they, the tourists, are the ones on the menu. Bwahahahaha.  Oh, sorry.  I was having fun with this one. The hero is Raffaele, one of Christian’s cousins from the band. But Santo and Zani are there with him.  They’re actually all there because Raff and Zani had to take Santo away on a vacation to help him get over what Dr. Nasty did to him in Immortal Unchained.  Zani picked the vacation spot, and Raff is none too pleased with the hot and sunny choice he made . . . until he meets Jess. Jess is in the Caribbean as a guest of a relative’s wedding, and her cousin dragged her onto the ship of pirates who happen to be rogue immortals run by one Captain Vasco. Oh my Gawd he was so much fun!  Guess I should stop there or I’ll be giving the whole story away!

Happy fall everyone!