After The Bite
Argeneau Book #35
September 27, 2022
(Valerian & Natalie)
Excerpt & More

The Chase
Deed, Key & Chase
July 26, 2022
(Seonaid Dunbar & Blake Sherwell)
Excerpt & More

Immortal Rising
Argeneau Book #34
April 26, 2022
(Stephanie McGill & Thorne)
Excerpt & More

Highland Wolf
January 25, 2022
Highland Brides Book #10
Excerpt & More

Mile High With A Vampire
Argeneau Book #33
September 28, 2021
Excerpt & More

Highland Thirst
August 24, 2021
Historical Reissue
Excerpt & More

What She Wants
June 29, 2021
Excerpt & More

Meant To Be Immortal
Argeneau #32
April 27, 2021
(Mac & C.J.)
Excerpt & More

After The Bite, Argeneau Book #35, is set to come out on September 27th!

This is about Valerian, an enforcer who’s been around since the beginning in a A Quick Bite, and Natalie, single mom and local business owner, who’s being targetted by an unknown assailant.

Luckily for Natalie, her new neighbor, Valerian, knows a little something about dealing with all kinds of threats. Luckily for Valerian he can't seem to read the her.

Latest Releases...

Mile High With A Vampire hit the bookstore shelves a few months ago. This story is about Abigail’s friend Jet Lassiter who you met in Immortal Nights and Pet’s sister, Quinn Peters, who you met in The Trouble With Vampires.
Highland Brides book #10, Highland Wolf, came out on Jan 25th.
Argeneau book #34 called Immortal Rising came out on April 26th.
Turned as a teenager, Stephanie has had more than her fair share of hardship in her young life. She lost her entire family except for Dani and even Dani disappeared with life mate Decker for quite some time. She is highly gifted as an immortal in being able to read and even match life mates, but the gift comes with a curse as she can't turn it off. And she's dealt with all these trials with a grace and strength like no other, but she's lonely.
Who could be possibly be unique enough to be her match?
Thorne is a hybrid male, altered before birth into a half-human, winged creature forced to hide from the world.
Together they will have to battle the immortal mad scientist who created Thorne and now wants to capture them both for his own twisted experiments.

The Chase, which came out on July 26th, is book #3 in The Deed, Key & Chase series and involves the unlikely couple, Seonaid Dunbar and Lord Blake Sherwell.

They say behind every great man, there's a great woman. In this case it's more like, For Lord Blake Sherwell to become a great man, he'll need a swift kick by the only great woman capable of doing the job, Seonaid Dunbar.

Seonaid has no intention of giving in and allowing her betrothed to just cart her off to England when he’s ten-years-late in retrieving her. He obviously doesn’t want to marry her in the first place so why would she bother going along quietly with a farce of a marriage? Instead, Seonaid and her skilled cousin Aeldra decide to escape in the hopes the Sassenach might leave her be.

Lord Blake Sherwell does not want to get married. Known for his good looks and his ability to charm any woman he encounters, he’s satisfied with life and doesn’t want to settle down anytime soon. However, the King has put down his fist, insisting Blake live up to his promise and retrieve his betrothed. He even sent his own man to escort Blake to Dunbar Castle and be sure the deed gets done. Only problem is his betrothed, Seonaid Dunbar, fled before he even got there. Now forced to wear the Dunbar clan colors for safety’s sake, Blake and his men must pursue his disgruntled and somewhat hostile bride-to-be across Scotland.


Upcoming releases...

On September 27th, Argeneau Book #35 called After The Bite is coming out! Immortal Enforcer Valerian just wants to relax. His last assignment had been more grueling than he’d care to admit, and golf has always helped him unwind. If golf course owner Natalie thinks it’s a little odd for him to tee off at sunset every evening, she’s keeping it to herself. The single mom is sexy as hell, and her little daughter Mia only adds to his delight. He knows Natalie is wary of a relationship of any kind…what will she think when she discovers he’s an Immortal? His best course of action is to woo her the old-fashioned way.

But the course of true love never did run smooth—especially for an immortal and his mate. And when danger stalks Natalie, Valerian realizes he’s playing a game of life and death and if he loses this round, he risks losing her forever.

Book #11 of the Highland Brides series called In Her Highlander's Bed is coming out in January 26th, 2023. This one's about Claray's sister, Allissaid.

What I'm working on...

I just finished the copyedits for the next Argeneau called After The Bite, which is coming out on September 27th. (The description for this story is above under the Upcoming Books section.)

And I'm now editing the next Highland Brides story coming out in January. It's called In Her Highlander's Bed, and it's about Laird Calan Campbell and Allissaid MacFarlane, a cousin to the Buchanans through her mother, and the second MacFarlane daughter to get a story.

The MacFarlanes, still under threat from their neighbor Maldouen MacNaughton, are told to stay within the keep's walls for protection. But when her young brother slips out to go to the river, Allissaid rushes out after him to bring him back to safety. Instead, she's captured by MacNaughton men. While still unconscious, Maldouen has a priest marry them, fortunately Allissaid escapes before the marriage can be consummated…

The Campbells have had nothing but grief from the MacNaughtons. They've been raiding Campbell land for years, and only a lack of proof has prevented Calan, the Campbell laird, from calling for an all-out war against the neighboring clan. Instead, he finally decreed MacNaughtons unwelcome on Campbell land. Trespassing would mean instant death, and so far that seemed to work. So, he was more than a little amazed when one not only crossed onto his land, but stooped so low as to steal the clothes off his back. Calan actually saw the naked lad who ran up and made off with his kilt… Only the lad turns out to be a naked lass, Allissaid MacFarlane or possibly Allissaid MacNaughton. Whether she's married is questionable. What's not questionable is that Calan wants the lass for his own. He just has to deal with MacNaughton and this marriage to have her.
And the next story in the Highland Brides series is on my mind as I'll be writing that next. 

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